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LST - Low Surface Temperature

Developped for maximum security

  • A heating pipe or radiator at a temperature of 75°C can cause serious burns in seconds. This is very dangerous to children, elderly people and pets.
  • Jaga LST radiators contain an energy-efficient Low-H2O heat exchanger with a special casing, which prevents the surface temperature exceeding 43°C.
  • Pipe connections can be made inside the casing, meaning that no hot water carrying pipe is exposed. Everything is neatly packaged inside an attractively designed casing of your choice.

Low contact temperature

Lage aanraaktemperatuur

Low contact temperature

"The low surface temperature of Jaga LST heating solutions makes them ideal in situations where safety is paramount. Jaga LST radiators can be installed in commercial and public buildings running heating systems with high flow temperatures with total public safety assured, as the maximum casing temperature will remain safe at all times. Prolonged contact with higher temperatures can cause very severe burns, particularly to those most vulnerable such as young babies, the elderly and the infirm. That's why Jaga LST heating solutions are the first and safest choice for health authorities, government departments, nurseries, schools, leisure centres and public buildings.

High performance and compact strength

Compared to steel panel radiators with separate covers, the purpose designed Jaga LST radiators with Low-H2O heat emitters are much more efficient, and give maximum power from minimum dimensions. The Jaga LST range incorporates Jaga’s innovative and proven Low-H2O technology. They are specially designed to achieve cool touch casing temperatures, and to conform to the NHS Estates Health Guidance note, without any loss of performance. LST outputs are certified to EN442, so you are assured of their performance and quality.

Hoge afgifte en compacte kracht
Maximale veiligheid

Maximum security

Jaga LST radiators feature rounded grilles and chamfered front panels for maximum safety. Designed to conform to N.H.S. Estates specification guidance.* Where necessary, allen key fixings are used to discourage unauthorised tampering. Simple locking devices can be supplied to prevent unauthorised removal of the outer casings. The heat emitter is enclosed within the casing. Dependent on the chosen model, bottom grilles are supplied as standard or as an option. They conceal all valves and pipework, and can be assembled to run full width.

*For example: DHSS DN 4 safety regulations.

Easy maintenance

The elegant design of the Jaga LST collection has been specially designed and constructed to enable cleaning and maintenance to be carried out easily without disturbance to plumbing. Grilles can be removed independently of the outer casing or, if necessary, the complete casing can be removed for decoration without draining the central heating system.

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