Mini Canal

Low-H2O heating in a compact floor solution with a height from 9 to 19 cm

  • For spaces with large windows, conservatories, display windows and offices
  • From a depth of 9 cm, Mini Canal is the perfect solution for multi - storey buildings and computer floors
  • Hidden under the grille is an ultra fast Low-H2O element
  • The internal elements of the Mini Canal have been made "invisible", using lacquered dark grey components
  • The only eyecatching element left is the grille-cover which can be perfectly tailored to match the floor or the interior design

Energy Savers30 year Guarantee


Price list


frame (MICL) frame (MICZ) anchorage Mini-Duct Height control Grille acoustic strip Low-H2O heat exchanger Air vent Brackets drain cocks Pre-perforated system Frame in anodized aluminium, colour to match the grille. Inlegraam in geanodiseerd aluminium, kleur aangepast aan het rooster. Number in accordance with length. Mini duct from Sendzimir galvanized and dark grey lacquered steel plate; thickness 1 mm, with connection holes on all sides. Easy height adjustment for uneven floors. (option). provided with acoustic decoupling available in several design types and colours in anodized aluminium, several types of wood and stainless steel Acoustic strip in black rubber (optional). Stops contact noises. Low-H2O heat exchanger made of copper and aluminium, made "invisible" by a dark grey lacquer (RAL 7024). Brackets of electrolytic galvanized and dark grey coated 1 mm steel plate. seals for the connection holes, made of black synthetic material pre-perforated system for connections




Micro Canal



HeightLengthWidth75/65/2070/50/2055/45/2045/40/2035/30/20Ordering codeAvailability
all grilles
excl. lacquered
& varnished grilles,
Stainless Steel Grilles
and Pebbles
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Cover plate

fibreboard, thickness 22 mm
protects the Mini Canal against contamination and damaging during construction works

7691.000 LLL BB
Enter length and width

acoustic strip

For aluminium and wood grilles (not for stainless steel). Black adhesive rubber strip, thickness 0.5 mm. To avoid contact noises. Order the number of rolls required according to the circumference of the frame: (B + L) x 2.

7690.02 Roll 6 metre

base insulation

In dark grey extruded EPDM, thickness 5 mm. (Not available separately!!)
Also to avoid transfer of noise when used on upper storeys.

7692.000 LLL BB  
Enter length and width

3-sided insulation

In dark grey extruded EPDM, thickness 5 mm. (Not available separately!)

7693. HHH LLL BB  
Enter height, length and width

Height control

Simple height control for uneven subfloors. Provided with acoustic decoupling. The height control option is always provided with extra adjusting screws in order to install the duct flat against the window frame.

7690.01 Adjustable 0 - 4.5 cm
7690.04 Adjustable 4.5 - 13 cm
Recommended numbers for length:


110 cm 2 sets
130 > 190 cm 3 sets
210 cm 4 sets
230 < 310 cm 5 sets
330 + 370 cm 7 sets
410 cm 8 sets
450 + 490 cm 10 sets



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